Bardot Short Kimono - No. 15. S/M

Størrelse: One-size

En reversibel kort kimono fra danske Cofur, laget for å kunne brukes begge veier! Denne kimonoen er et unikt one-of-a-kind plagg, som alle Cofur-kreasjoner, laget fra tidligere brukt silkesarie materiale.

Denne kimonoen kommer i en One-size størrelse.

Rediscover femininity and sustainability


COFUR Denmark was founded in 2013 by the travel-loving couple Gitte and Kim Henriksen. On their travels, they fell in love with the classic Indian silk saree, which is a garment worn by Indian women to express femininity, beauty, and elegance. COFUR challenges the fashion industry's preference for fast fashion by sewing its garments from recycled saree pieces. This upcycling process eliminates energy-intensive and polluting industrial processes. By purchasing a COFUR Denmark garment, you can be assured that the environmental footprint is minimal. Additionally, you have the opportunity to continue a lifelong history - from woman to woman with love! Since the production involves the reuse of silk sarees, each garment is completely unique!