Juno Silk Dress - No. 661 L/XL

Størrelse: L/XL

For this sustainable bestseller, we have upcycled the most beautiful silk saris and redesigned them into a modern style with Nordic cuts and silhouettes. This dress is a beautiful kimono-inspired dress with wide sleeves and draping at the waist for a flattering silhouette. The combination of relaxed fit and exotic drama allows this unique dress to be worn for any occasion.

This style is part of our exclusive PURE SILK concept. We have carefully selected the most beautiful 100% crepe silk saris for this style. When you see and feel this luxurious silk, you will understand why this material is renowned worldwide as one of the finest silks. Crepe silk is known for its beautiful drape and weightiness, and it has a delightful velvety feel.


Waist: 80 cm Chest: 120 cm Length: 120 cm


Waist: 84 cm Chest: 120 cm Length: 124 cm

Sustainable fashion that tells a story

Sissel Edelbo

Sissel Edelbo is a Danish clothing brand established in 2004 by two friends, Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Christina Edelbo Petersen. The brand offers a unique blend of Scandinavian minimalism and Indian vintage fabrics, creating a distinctive and sustainable fashion line. Sissel Edelbo is dedicated to reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint by using upcycled materials in several of their collections. The garments are made from vintage saris previously worn by Indian women. Therefore, Sissel Edelbo's motto is "FROM A WOMAN TO ANOTHER." The clothes may have minor imperfections - a perfect imperfection that testifies to the garment's previous life.

With a focus on comfort, versatility, and timeless design, Sissel Edelbo's clothing is made for the modern woman who values sustainability and style.