Mule Walkaholics NEW - Krem med grønt mønster

Style Krem med grønt mønster
Size 40

Sko fra Walkoholisme, håndlaget i Tel Aviv, Israel. 
Krem med grønt mønster.


Walkaholics is an Israeli footwear brand that has a reputation for creating stylish and comfortable shoes for both men and women. With a passion for combining quality, style, and comfort, Walkaholics has quickly become a favorite among shoe enthusiasts in Israel and internationally.

The brand offers a wide selection of shoes, from sneakers and loafers to boots and sandals, and focuses on using high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting comfort and style. Walkaholics' shoes are also designed to fit different styles and occasions, and can be worn for both casual and more formal events.