TRACOLLA + RIVETTI. Medium. Grigio X1494 C0501


Medium veske med gyldne messing detaljer med lang reim. Indre rom med glidelås samt en stor lomme med glidelås.

Lengde: 26 cm

Bredde: 24 cm

Dybde: 10cm

Experience authentic Italian craftsmanship


Campomaggi is an Italian brand that produces high-quality bags with a rustic and timeless style. The brand was founded in 1990 by designer Marco Campomaggi with the aim of creating bags with an authentic sense of Italian craftsmanship and beauty. Each bag is made of carefully selected materials, including high-quality leather that becomes softer and more beautiful with time and use. Campomaggi products are known for their rustic and vintage-inspired style, which often includes embroidery, studs, and other craftsmanship details. With its timeless style and craftsmanship, Campomaggi has quickly become a favorite among fashion-conscious people all over the world.